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Extra curricular lessons

We know each professional really well!

We can help talk you through all our activities!

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Samenza is part of the Skillathon alliance. Skillathon has 4 companies which are Tutos4berkshire, ParaFit, Samenza and Duckstosharks. Across all of our companies, we know each professional really well.  

What we can share about our teachers

What their teaching style is like

How they will be able to relate well with your child

How experienced they are

Their success rates

That they can hold lessons at an affordable rate

We can show you a profile photo of your instructor

Welcome! Samenza is designed to train children's mind into thinking out of the box. Today there is a lot of  emphasis  for children to be good at school  in maths, english and science but these only form the basis of what a child should be learning.


Children should be learning other skills and activities to apply it for their future careers such as becoming  a pilot, engineer, teacher or a lawyer. Many of these careers require good interpersonal skills, applying learnt mathematics to solve a problem, or designing creatively .  


Samenza is a place for children to learn extra curricular skills and help develop themselves more as well as discover new skills and talents outside of the core subjects. They will be able to build on their skills for the outside world of work. Learning today will mean they will get their skills sharpened for the future and discover what career they want to pursue and giving them a chance to broaden their knowledge.


We cover learning musical instrument, swimming lessons, chess, coding and languages. The benefits of these activities are they work both the logical and creative hemispheres of the brain, making it sharper, quicker and able to solve problems. These skills will enable your child to develop and progress in the future as they can learn and  create new things, that are essential for any type of career.

Playing Chess Together
Online Music Lesson



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