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About us

Speak to us today to select the very best pro for you!

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Who are we ?

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What can we tell you about our professionals

How we stand out?


Nobody to ask for advice!

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Someone to talk to in selecting the best pro!

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Skillathon is a community-focused service that recommends and provides top-rated professionals in your area! Our current primary focus is recommending and providing the Slough community with excellent and top rated educators!

We have researched the 4 most popular education/ training services in Slough that people are looking for & we are able to deliver all of these services at an affordable rate. We can provide you with the best educator who fulfils your requirements as well as providing you with administration jobs.


For each educational service, our client care manager Rasheeda can talk in depth about our educators and recommend the best one for you! That's why we take pride in our slogan  'we know each pro extremely well' & uniquely, the fact that there is someone to talk to enquire further details about the pro is represented by our friendly 5 mascots. Click on one of our mascots to be directed to the relevant page.


Each mascot has different colours which represents a different company of educators part of our alliance. Companies that are part of the Skillathon alliance are:


































     That they can hold lessons at an affordable rate

     All of our educators know everything about your needs in the local 


     The clients education requirement


     Services you are looking for in your local area


     Looking into detail about what you require from the tutor before you           take them on


     What their teaching style is like

     How they will be able to relate well with your child

     How experienced they are

     Their success rates

     If they can come to your home to teach

     We can show you a profile photo of your instructor















We only provide you with the best professional who will assist you with your needs. Our team can provide you with online and home services.

Our competitors Bark and Bidvine sign up their professionals and interview them through a self-sign-up form. They don't know their professionals very well. In Skillathon we know our professionals REALLY well. They are all rigorously interviewed. We ensure we do everything we can to provide you with the best professional.

Our competitors they only approve a professional once the form is clinically completed. They have no idea who the professional really is and how they teach however, at Skillathon we have invested our time and resources to know each professional really well and we can tell you all about them as well as giving you the best recommendation.




Rasheeda is on hand to help you find professionals through our website. You are entitled to a free lesson/consultation. We carry out weekly payments rather than monthly and we don't carry out contracts. 

If you are looking to find the best professionals, Skillathon is the place to be.





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We care about our customers!

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